5 Essential Money-Saving Tips for College Students

College is a rough time in anyone’s life. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and the responsibilities are at a minimum. But when it comes to funds and the ability to pay for, well, anything, students aren’t exactly swimming in dough. It’s a well-known stereotype that college kids are broke, and it comes with good evidence to back it up. If you’re one of these college kids studying at either NSU Online

or any other collegiate program, struggling to make ends meet, or even if you’re just looking for a few ways to save some cash, there are plenty of ways to help streamline your budget. No matter how limited it might be. Including:

Use Student Services

Whether or not you’re aware, your college likely has free or affordable versions of everything. Health insurance, meals, resume writing services, movie viewing, parking passes – if it’s needed to get your degree, or just to survive –your college probably has a discounted version that’s waiting for you to take advantage. Give it a try and save some dough in the process.

Shop Around

You can get anything for a good deal these days, especially when you’re willing to put in some time. Do your research and find out who has the best prices on what, and when there’s a sale, stock up, so long as you can swing the funds. Locally, search for social media pages that keep track of big discounts, and how you can save the most money each week. Or, shop in bulk online, or wherever there are huge savings. Learning to locate and cash in on these awesome deals is an important life skill to have, and one that can benefit you well after your college years.

Rewards Programs

These days there is a reward program for virtually every store. To the point where it’s almost overwhelming. Rather than signing up for every incentive that comes your way (and sealing your email’s spam fate for years to come), hold off for stores you frequent most often. This will also allow you the time to get to know your discount options, and the ability to use them to your best advantage.

Keep a Budget

Do it. Now. Keep track of how much is coming in, and where it’s being spent. This might be a little depressing each time you write a tuition check to your school of choice, but it will also allow you to pay the bills on time, and avoid an unsightly overdraft. Knowing how much you’re spending will also help you trim the fat and cut out expensive hobbies that are causing you to spend unwisely.

Do Without

There will be a time in your life where you can afford better things, and college just might not be one of them. That’s ok. Remind yourself it’s perfectly reasonable (and very smart) to skip the lavish and the pricey, especially when they’re just not in the budget. It’s an important step toward responsibility, and making the bank account fall in your favor.

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